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Before convention

What is RJC?

RJC - the Russian Juggling Convention - is a new type of event, that brings together people passionate about the same idea. At the Convention, there will be many workshops dedicated to various styles of juggling and circus arts, competitions, games, and shows.

However, the most important thing for us is communication and exchange of experience and skills between jugglers of all backgrounds.
About the previous convention
Гала шоу РЖК2018
IRC Eurasia 2018
If you never touched juggling balls before – we assure you, not only will you learn to juggle, but also to play with a lot of other props. Every day there will be beginners workshops in basketball freestyle, hoops, diabolo, and poi. And by the way, juggling isn't limited to balls, too!
If juggling is an important part of your life, if you enjoy learning new tricks – the Convention is a must-go for you. You will meet people from across Russia and the world who share the same mindset with you. You'll get a lot of practice, tons of knowledge, and have a chance to hang out with jugglers from the places you had never heard about before.
This year you can take part in international WJF and IRC competitions judged by famous masters from the US and Russian stars. And the prizes are worth fighting for! Besides the competitions, there will be many advanced workshops, lectures and latest news from the world of juggling.
Whom is it for?
Ticket prices
Team (4 - 10)
Team (от 10)
for guests from other countries free admission!
Q & A
What is included in the ticket price?
All! It includes admission to all of the workshops during six days of the convention, night shows, games and battles
Should I pre-register for the workshops?
No, just come and join whatever workshop you like. You only have to buy a ticket for the convention.
I want to run a workshop / go on stage in a show / take part in a competition, what should I do?
Please write to org@rjcon.ru with "workshop" / "show" / "competitions" in the subject line. We'll get in touch with you.
Are children welcome?
Yes, this year we have a great kids zone with workshops for all ages. Please buy a children ticket.
When does convention start? What time?
Registration will open on July 15th at 13:00. Until then, the gym will be closed, but you can play in the park.
What about food?
2 supermarkets and small caffes (with different price categories), only 200 m. from a convention location
I never juggled before – may I join?
Sure! If you never touched juggling balls before – we assure you, not only you will learn to juggle, but to play with a lot of other props. Both skilled jugglers and total newbies are welcome to the convention.
Join us and discover a new world!
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